Stallion Horse Bits

Aurigan Snaffle ring

Brand Stallion Horse Bits
Country of Origin Pakistan
Finish Mirror Finish
Primary Material Stainless Steel & German Silver
Product Aurigan Snaffle ring
Manufacturer Stallion Horse Bits
Category For the Horse

Stallion Horse Bits
Double-jointed bits, in which the olive-shaped middle piece – compared to conventional bits – is shortened and inclined forward at an angle of 45 °. Only in this angular position does the middle piece lie particularly gently on the tongue. These bits therefore enable a trusting contact and very fine rein action. The innovative bit use the tongue’s sense of touch, which is just as sensitive in horses as it is in humans. The tongue is a highly sensitive sensory organ and amplifies the reception of the signals that arrive in the horse’s mouth through the rein aids of the rider. When the reins are pulled, the middle piece of the bit lies snugly on the tongue without squeezing and without exerting pressure on the palate or the mouth. The connecting rings to the middle piece roll over the tongue. Due to the new position of the middle section and the side bits, the tactile sensation of the tongue is increasingly addressed. The rider’s rein aids arrive more precisely and sensitively in the horse’s mouth. The bit ensure an incomparably sensitive contact between rider and horse. When switching to a bit, an immediate improvement in the contact can usually be seen. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is particularly pleasant for the horse and promotes slackness, as the rider can have a more sensitive effect.
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