Stallion Horse Bits


 Hackamore ‘Flower’ (Shanks without Strabs)


Brand Stallion Horse Bits
Country of Origin Pakistan
Finish Mirror Finish
Primary Material Stainless Steel
Product Hackamore ‘Flower’ (Shanks without strabs)
Manufacturer Stallion Horse Bits
Category For the Horse
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Stallion Horse Bits
Your aids are transmitted via the horse’s nose. As soon as your horse has converted to bitless riding, any lesson can be taken – flexion is possible. The rein action / control is variable depending on which ring is used. The strongest effect is achieved when rein is attached to the lowest ring (light leverage). Material: Stainless Steel Sold in pairs •bitless riding •choose between soft and more detailed handling •for western, engish, trail, endurance… •made for riders who want to communicate in finest way.
Although Other Horse Riding Accessories are available.


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