Stallion Horse Bits

Windern cheek piece

Brand Stallion Horse Bits
Country of Origin Pakistan
Finish Mirror Finish
Primary Material Stainless Steel
Product Windern cheek piece
Manufacturer Stallion Horse Bits
Category For the Horse

Stallion Horse Bits

This large group, consisting of professionals, amateurs and recreational riders, helped us to draw the right conclusions. It is true that we developed a gel that was readily accepted by our test horses and that withstood damage from the teeth of our noble quadrupeds. Many of our test horses found that while working, the horses chewed more easily and relaxed more quickly without escaping the bit. There was also quicker support and between horse and rider hand there was good and stable contact with a clearly relaxed training result as a result.

The synthetic gel used in Winderen’s mouthpieces was fully tested and found to be completely safe for horses.
The gel has the FDA certificate which is recognized worldwide as proof of high standards, quality and safety. In human language this means that your horse can chew on Winderen’s teeth safely and without side effects.

A major challenge during the development phase was to make a mouthpiece that is both soft and pleasant for the horse and at the same time robust enough to resist the chewing movement of the horse. After many attempts we finally managed to achieve this. Horses like to chew on the soft gel structure and take the bit well. At the same time it is extremely durable and doesn’t get damaged by chewing.


We have done many tests with horses that, to the great regret of their owners, got several synthetic mouthpieces broken very quickly. Those horses also failed to destroy Winderen’s gel bit. We even had dogs chew on it to test the strength of the gel. After all, as meat-eaters dogs have much sharper teeth and stronger jaws. Winderen’s bits came out of those tests more than satisfactory

We all know that finding the right bit is a real challenge. The needs of horses can change over time. That’s why when developing the Winderen Gel Bits System we wanted to make it as easy as possible to choose the bit that suits your horse’s needs and temperament.

That’s why we developed a system with interchangeable side and mouthpieces. This innovative solution allows you to combine each nozzle with the full product range of side pieces, which brings numerous possibilities and adjustments to the functionality of our bits. Another important point is that the mouthpieces and side pieces can be changed quickly and independently of each other as often as desired and desired.

One of the priorities we set when designing the Gel Bits System was to meet the FEI requirements. This allowed us to design a bit that meets the guidelines of the jumping, dressage and eventing rules.
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