Stallion Horse Bits

Trust Liverpool 2 slot fixed Sweet Iron Medium Port

Brand Stallion Horse Bits
Country of Origin Pakistan
Finish Mirror Finish
Primary Material Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
Product Trust Liverpool 2 slot fixed Sweet Iron Medium Port
Manufacturer Stallion Horse Bits
Category For the Horse

Stallion Horse Bits

The liverpool has 2 or 3 lead slots. This cheekpiece is specially used for driving. With this cheekpiece, the driver can adjust the leverage from none to heavy. The lower the leads are placed, the sharper the bit. The cheekpiece with two slots has therefore a milder effect than the 3 slot liverpool.
This is a straight mouthpiece with a medium port. The port allows freedom of the tongue. The port creates space for the tongue and decreases the pressure on the centre of the horse’s tongue. More tongue freedom is ideal for horses that have a sensitive tongue or horses that stick out the tongue. This bit is not suitable for the inexperienced rider.
The Sweet Iron bits are made of steel and have a recognizable blue color. Sweet Iron will rust when it comes into contact with (air) humidity, the surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the saliva production. This will cause the horse to salivate more, which in turn will encourage a better acceptance of the bit.
Although All Horse Riding Accessories are Available.


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