Stallion Horse Bits


Bombers Cherry Roller Kimblewick / Butterfly Flip Bit

Brand Stallion Horse Bits
Country of Origin Pakistan
Finish Mirror Finish
Primary Material Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
Product Bombers Cherry Roller Kimblewick / Butterfly Flip Bit
Manufacturer Stallion Horse Bits
Category For the Horse

Stallion Horse Bits
Bombers Bit Cherry Roller Kimblewick
The Cherry Roller Kimblewick is constructed tightly so there is no chance of pinching.
They roll in the horses mouth giving him something to play with and reducing the likelihood of the bit being held in the horse’s teeth.
When pulling on the reins, the rollers allow the bit to move along the bars of the horse’s jaws as opposed to rubbing.
As with the Pelham, the action of the Kimblewick is dependent upon the position of the riders’ hands. The rein slides on the Dee shaped bit ring on the Flip Open Kimblewick.
If the hands are lowered prior to pressure being applied to the reins, the rein will slide about an inch and the bit will assume roughly a 45° angle in the mouth. Causing the mouthpiece to act in a downward and backward motion on the lower jaw. As a result, this is complemented by a downward pressure on the poll, giving the bit a lowering action.
Additionally, all our bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:
oxidises easily
encourages salivation
helps bit acceptance
is warm and sweet
Please note the blue will fade with use.
Although All Horse Riding Accessories are Available.


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